Amlin Analytics  combines consulting, technology, common sense, and a passion for outdoor industries to give a better rate of return on your data investment.  We do this by first leveraging the assets already available to your company.  If those aren’t enough, we’ll bring in additional technologies that will add value to the process.

 Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence (BI) is the “how” of using your data to effectively run your business.  The “what” is the data behind the scenes.  Data by itself is useless.

Data needs to be turned into something that can be harnessed so that intelligence can be extracted and then acted upon.  The “why” you use data comes next -- it’s your company gaining additional competitive advantage and increasing your bottom line.

“Data-driven decisions” have lately received a great deal of hype.  What if your “Data-driven decision” only takes you part-way through your challenge?  Now you’ll have to scramble to make up for the lack of knowledge.

Amlin Analytics will provide you with the information, insights and recommendations so you can engage your valuable business expertise to “pull-the-trigger” on an educated decision.

 Data-Driven Decisions 

Our Vision

To enable small companies to make better decisions, easier.

Our Mission

To empower companies to tell their own success stories.

Doug Amlin

I know how to make data tell a story.

Amlin Analytics is a veteran-owned, problem solving, and business intelligence company focused on the outdoors. We are dedicated to solving your company’s pain points and challenges through the intelligent and common-sense use of one of your company’s most valuable assets— your data.

United States Marine Corps.

  • Doug served as an infantry and communications corporal (E-4), from August 1987 - August 1991, and discharged honorably
  • 2 ½ years deployed outside of the U.S
  • Served in Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Doug received a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in 2002
  • Received dual degrees in Logistics / Supply Chain and Management of Information Systems (MIS)
  • Attended most home football games with 109,000 of his closest friends

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